10 Ginger kitties celebrating #NationalCatDay

Posted on October 29, 2015, 2:23 pm
24 secs

Today we celebrate all the little furballs around the world. Did you know there are an estimated 600 million cats around the world…that’s a lot of cats? Around 4,000BC cats started to become domesticated when farming began increasing. The farmers noticed the small wild cats (jungle cats and African wildcats) around their farmland were catching and killing the mice that was eating their crops, so farmers encouraged cats to stay around their farms and homes.

Then in 3,100BC the ancient Egyptians noticed that cats killed snakes like cobras that would come into their homes at night and kill many people, so they started to leave out fish heads at night to keep the cats around their homes. Then after many years the cats were welcomed into their human homes. For cats… this was now the safest place to rear their kittens, away from all the predators in the jungle.

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Have a great day everyone and dont forget to say #HappyCatDay to your kitty when you get home!!

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