5 Table Foods You Can Feed Your Cat

Posted on April 21, 2015, 4:38 pm
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My cats have been fast asleep in another room and when I open a tin of Tuna they come running in meowing for some – My Tuna Junkies. Feeding your cat too much Tuna can cause them to be deficient in vitamin E, so be careful. One small can a week as a treat is perfect.







The next time you eat a banana, cut off a small slice and place it in your freezer then offer it to your cat as a treat later. Cat’s don’t need the sugar and fiber in a banana, but it’s a different flavour for your cat to try out and it’s not harmful. Only a small amount should be given to your cat.









You can offer your cat small amounts of cooked meat. I never give raw meats to my cats. I mainly stick with cooked chicken or turkey as its full of protein. I also cut off the fatty parts. I avoid Bacon as it contains a huge amount of salt and very rarely give them sliced deli/prepacked  meats as they can  contain a lot of preservatives.








Lots of cats become lactose intolerant as they get older. I give both my cats a tiny bit of cheese sprinkled on their food as a small treat and both have not had a  reaction to it. Be careful with the portion size you give your cat as too much can cause explosive diarrhea. 🙁








Preferably boiled or scrambled. They are full of protein. I stay away from raw eggs, I know my cats probably eat birds eggs when they go out but I would be afraid I would give them salmonella.

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