5 Ways You Can Help Feral Cats

Posted on August 10, 2016, 4:32 pm
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Feral cats live everywhere, in your garden shed, barns, bins, and abandoned buildings. The majority of feral cats are not spayed & neutered causing a huge strain on charities across the world, especially when they have kittens. Although they’re great hunters they can sometimes need a helping hand so here are my top 5 ways you can help take care of feral cats.

Buy or Build a Shelter

It’s probably cheaper to purchase a cat house than build one but sometimes having a little project like building your own can be fun.  This will keep your feral cat nice and dry on wet days and warm on colder days. Only provide straw and not blankets as straw does not absorb water and blankets do.


Provide Food and Water

Cats can become dependent on you for food and water so only provide it for them if you are willing to feed them regularly. Dry food is the best because it doesn’t spoil but if your feral has become somewhat tame and can tolerate your presence then offer some wet food and remove the bowl when your feral is finished. Don’t forget to offer fresh water especially when feeding dry food and keep an eye on it during the colder months as it can freeze over. Also, make sure if you are feeding more than one feral you provide extra dishes as to avoid them fighting with each other.

feral catTrap, Neuter and Return (TNR)

TNR is the most effective way of keeping cat populations down and increasing the lifespan of a feral cat. If you would like to know how to trap a feral cat – click HERE. TNR involves trapping your feral cats and having them spayed or neutered, vaccinated and ear-tipped (to stop them from being trapped again) and then released back into the wild again.

fearl cat trapGive a Feral a Home

Tame your feral. This is going to take a long time but it can be done with patience and persistence, older cats are nearly impossible to tame but you shouldn’t have a problem with the younger ones. You need to commit to feeding your feral every day as they will become dependent on you and will be waiting outside for you to come out and feed them. You could also foster feral kittens….did you know Lil Bub was a feral kitten?



Volunteering can be very rewarding and charities are crying out for people to help with TNR, relocating cats, transporting cats and feeding colonies on a regular basis etc etc. The good thing about volunteering is you can set your own hours and offer as little as 1 hour a week.

feral feeding

I hope this helps you and your feral and feel free to add a comment below if you have any tip to share.



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