A Tiny Tigers Paradise – Part III

Posted on April 30, 2015, 4:26 pm
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This is the last part of creating your cat Tiny Tigers Paradise/Cat-Friendly Garden.  Over the past month, I have covered everything from what is safe and what is not to place in your garden to cool pond features. This weeks blog piece is filled with creative ideas & solutions that are attractive and functional. I have really enjoyed writing these three blog pieces and hope I have inspired you in some small way. Finally, have fun in your garden with your cats! Enjoy it!

In next week’s blog piece, I will be showing you how to create an indoor Tiny Tigers Paradise for those of you who have indoor cats or live in a home with no garden.


Provide Shelter:

If you want to provide shelter for your own cat or a stray/feral cat why not do it in style. Outdoor cat-house’s are getting more and more popular because the pet industry is making them appealing to place in our gardens. They are great way of providing shelter for your cat in bad weather and sure we get enough of that in Ireland.


Jumping/Climbing Aids:

Great for older kitties or cats that have been injured, if your cat cannot jump up to their favorite spot then placing shelving around their favorite tree giving them access could be your answer.  Also, you can place a cat ramp against a wall in your garden to allow kitties to get up on top of a shed or fence.

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Feeding Station:

This is a great idea if you have feral or stray cats in your garden. They don’t take up that much space, they look good, can offer a couple of different levels/areas so you can feed more than one cat at a time without them fighting and it has a roof that offers cover in bad weather.

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Outdoor Cat Trees:

Cats love a lookout post and these three would be a cat’s dream. Lot’s of people never think of placing a cat tree outdoors, these are a great alternative for garden’s that don’t have trees.

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Places To Lounge:

Give your cat a place to lounge in the sun or shade. By placing areas like these in your garden, will make your cat want to stay in your garden instead of wondering off to your neighbours garden. There are lots of things you can do, place a bird fountain in shaded area with no water in it, place cozy cushions and blankets on your garden furniture, you can even place a kitty hammock between two trees.

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Toys In The Garden:

Offering your cat toys in your garden is a great way of keeping them active when your are not around. Tie a small plastic ball with a bell in it to a piece of string, then hang it from a tree, this has to one of the cheapest ideas, plus….we all have too many of those balls. You can also place a ping pong ball in a pond or water feature or hide some of their favorite catnip toys around the garden….remember, cats love to explore!!

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