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Posted on July 23, 2015, 1:31 pm
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Lots of owners of Indoor cats feel guilty when they see their cat looking out the window at what’s happening in the world and would love nothing more than to let their cat out to explore. Everyone has their own reasons as to why they choose to keep their cat’s indoor, it could be your afraid they might get hurt or catnapped.

It’s perfectly normal to feel this way and indoor cats can live a very happy and content life living indoors all their life but there are a couple of improvements you can make to your home to make kitty feel like they have their own little jungle to explore inside.

Window Beds

Cats love to look out the window at what’s happening in the world. make these areas as comfortable and inviting as possible.

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Bird Feeders

Bring the birds right to your window by placing a bird feeder on it. You can get all different types of bird feeders on the internet, the most popular being these bird friendly feeders (€20), they work on suction cups so you can take it down anytime you want and they have a one-way mirror that allows the birds to feed without being scared by the cat on the other side. Your cat will get hours of entertainment from these and if you’re a bird lover you might too!!

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Window Boxes

Years ago in Brooklyn, parents used to make a similar style window box for their children to play in..they were called the Brooklyn Babies. These are a perfect solution for those of you who live in an apartment with only windows and no balcony, you can open your window and allow your cat to lounge in the sun and watch what’s going on outside. You can get them with or without a catflap attached which stops your room becoming too cold.

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Cat Tree

Cat’s love to climb trees, it gives them a secure place to lounge away from other animals like dogs and also allows them to play out their animal instincts by chasing after birds and rodents. I know you cannot bring a tree into you home, but you can offer them something similar. Offering them a cat tree with foliage will make them feel like tiny tigers or you can always bring home some tree branches to place around you existent cat tree.

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Cat Grass

Cat’s love to nibble on cat grass especially when they have an upset tummy or need to get rid of a hairball. Cat grass can grow really fast, if you grow your own it only takes two weeks. it’s probably one on the easiest things you could ever grow, plus in the right potter they can look really good in your home. The pet industry has lots of different kits you can buy now to grow your own and they only cost a couple of euro.

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Create a Herb Garden

Plant a small herb garden. Make sure whatever container you plant the herbs in is heavy enough so that your cat won’t knock it over – as you know cats like to knock shit over and they will do the same with any plants in your home that are not secure. Most herbs from the mint family (especially catnip) are perfectly suitable for your cats and you. It’s up to you to get creative but here is some inspiration to get you started.

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Water Features & Ponds

Water features are a great way of giving your cat access to water all day long, they run on low power and are easy to clean. Indoor pond’s, on the other hand, tend to be a lot more expensive and do require more maintenance but can you imagine the amount of fun your cat would have with a small pond full of Koi? (koi can be replaced with ping pong balls or ice cubes)

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Last but not lease  – build a Catio. These are a great outdoor escape for your feline friend. I know most people who own indoor cats always get sad when they look at their cat looking out the window, all you want to do is let them out but you can’t because you’re afraid for their safety. Catio’s allow your cat to go outside but still stay in a secure area….they’re also a great place to put your litter tray!!

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Planter Toilet

Litter boxes are ugly things to have around the home so who ever created this litterbox is a genius!!. Now you can hide your Litterbox in these beautiful and stylish Cat Loo Planters. The foliage is false so it can be placed indoor or out. You can turn the opening so that it faces the wall, plus they are lightweight with a removable top allowing easy access for cleaning.

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Hammocks & Hideaways

Hammocks can be placed nearly anywhere in your home, you can move them to the balcony or place them in a catio. You can buy really nice hammocks nowadays that double up as a pet bed, they are suitable for cats and most fabrics are machine washable. Hideaways or cat caves as most people call them are cheap and stylish. They are fully machine washable, light and would look great in any home.

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If you have made your kitty an indoor jungle then I would love to see it. Please email pictures to





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