How To Cat Proof Your Christmas Tree

Posted on December 10, 2014, 6:57 pm
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Last Christmas my youngest cat Egor was crazy for my Christmas tree, he was only 6 months at the time and still a very hyper kitten. Most days, when I would come home from work, I would find two eyes peering out at me from the Christmas tree, adorably cute but I didn’t want to encourage him to climb the tree so I took some measure to stop anything major from happening.

I have two cats, Bella and Egor but some people have 5+ cats and all those cats want to do is to bop the baubles on the tree or run away with the tinsel, what you don’t want is to have to ban your cats from the room the tree is in which is nearly always the sitting room. I love nothing more than to sit down on a cold winters nights with something good to watch on the tele, my cats close to me, then I turn off all the lights and just have the glow from the Christmas tree…pure bliss!

Here are my top 5 tips on how to kitty proof your Christmas tree…..hope they help!

1. Try and tie your tree to the wall, this will help stop your Christmas tree from falling over if your cat decides they want to climb it. My husband used fishing line last year but you could could use twine or cord.


2. Tie all your baubles onto the tree securely. If you are using these small metal hooks then use a pliers to securely wrap them around the branch stopping your cat from knocking them off.



3. If possible when shopping for new baubles, try purchasing shatter proof baubles. This way, if your cat does knock off a bauble it won’t smash all over your floor.


4. Provide a distraction, give your cat other shiny objects to play with. I did something similar to this last year from my patio window. It was actually very simple to do, all you need are some baubles, string and I used strong tape to secure. I also placed some old baubles and treats in a shoe box and cut out some small openings for my cats to get there paws into. You can pick up some great Christmas toys/games in pet stores now for your cat to play with or make your own like I did.



5. One of the best tips I ever read was to hang small bells from the bottom of your Christmas tree, if your cat does decide to go near the tree you will hear the ringing of the bells and it might give you enough time to take puss away from the tree before they start climbing.


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