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Blog / Aug 24th

Whats New At Dublin Zoo

It’s been 2 years since I’ve been to Dublin Zoo
Blog / Aug 10th

5 Ways You Can Help Feral Cats

Feral cats live everywhere, in your garden shed, barns, bins,
Blog / Aug 8th

7th National Feral Cat Awareness Week 2016

Hey everyone, once again it’s National Feral Awareness Week. This
Blog / Jun 14th

Meet Silas The Rescue Cat….. Before And After

Meet Silas everyone, he’s so flooffy! Silas was rescued from
Blog / May 13th

The Worlds First Cat NightClub

NeKo NightClub has opened its door this week to the
Blog / Apr 28th

Interview With Irish Artist Catherine Cooke

We love art, especially Irish art so we asked Irish
Blog / Mar 29th

World’s First Slide-Out Pet Carrier

When it comes to bringing my two cats to the
Blog / Mar 21st

My Flea Control Routine

Happy Monday all. I’ve had a couple of emails over
Blog / Feb 10th

Meet Bagal AKA Sunglass Cat

Karen McGill from Los Angelas in California is the owners
Blog / Oct 29th

10 Ginger kitties celebrating #NationalCatDay

Today we celebrate all the little furballs around the world.