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Blog / Sep 21st

5 Amazing Outdoor Cat Shelters

I have seen some very impressive cat shelters in my
Blog / Sep 16th

It’s Spidey Season – Where’s My Cat?

It’s that time of year again when all our homes
Blog / Aug 18th

Cat Rescued Twice In 24hr From The Same Tree

Over in London this week we heard a very mischievous
Blog / Aug 14th

Saving The South China Tiger In Africa

The South China Tiger has been listed as critically endangered
Blog / Jul 29th

American Trophy Hunter Wanted For Killing Cecil The Lion

On July 1st, the Zimbabwean National Park rangers tracked one
Blog / Jul 23rd

Bring The Jungle Inside

Lots of owners of Indoor cats feel guilty when they see
Blog / Jul 8th

Rabies Cat On The Loose In New York

Over in New York a Rabit Black Cat is terrorising
Blog / Jul 8th

Cat Fact

Did You Know? A female cat can have between 3
Blog / Jul 4th

26 Places You May Find Your Cat In Your Garden

Now that the weather has improved our cats will want
Blog / Jul 2nd

Kitten Football

The cheapest toys around…scrumple up some tin foil into a