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Blog / Jul 22nd

Fostering Kittens

There are three different types of fostering you can do.
Blog / Jul 16th

Tiger caught on camera trap

Panthera’s camera trap photo, taken in Northwest India’s Corbett-Rajaji Landscape.
Blog / Jun 20th

Persian Cats

Did You Know? Persian cats come in over 60 different
Blog / Jun 19th

Maine Coon

The first ever cat show took place in Madison Square
Blog / Jun 17th

Mummified cats

Did You Know? More than 300,000 cat mummies were discovered
Blog / Jun 13th

Turkish Van

Turkish Vans are also known as the Turkish Swimming cat
Blog / Jun 10th

This artist turns the dried leafs of rice plants and cottonwood trees in beautiful art.

Rajan Koshy from Galveston, Texas has been creating rice straw
Blog / Jun 3rd

Father’s Day gift ideas 2014 for “Cat Daddies”

Want a great gift for Father’s Day this year? Is
Blog / Jun 2nd

Secret Life of Cats

Tonight on ITV @9:00pm About: Cats have a reputation for
Blog / May 30th

Who says cat’s are dicks?

Mom cat walks through flames five times to save her