Jan 10, 2015

What Makes A White Tiger White?

19 secs
All White Tiger in the world are in captivity. All White Tigers are inbred. All White Tigers have some sort of sickness because of inbreeding. All members of the (AZA) American Zoological Association are banned from breeding
Jul 29, 2014

What is Tiger-Bone Wine?

3 mins
Today Tiger-Bone wine is sold as a “tonic” or “traditional oriental medicine” on the black market across the world but mainly in Asia. People believe that Tiger-Bone wine strengthens your bones, warns off / helps
Jul 16, 2014

Tiger caught on camera trap

24 secs
Panthera’s camera trap photo, taken in Northwest India’s Corbett-Rajaji Landscape. Today, the Corbett-Rajaji Landscape serves as 1 of 14 sites where Panthera’s Tigers Forever program is being carried out across Asia with critical partners active