DON’T Swim With Tiger Cubs

Posted on September 30, 2015, 8:05 pm
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When we go away on holidays we all want to try and experience new thing’s but swimming with baby tigers is not an experience I would ever want to remember. If you know the truth of what happens behind the scenes then hopefully you will change your mind and save your money for something like zip-lining.

Next year there will be a huge amount of families heading in Florida for their annual family holiday and one of the main attractions families go to when away are zoo’s, but be careful which one you go to. In Florida, anyone with a collection of animals can be called a zoo or private zoo. You want to be visiting zoo’s that are registered with the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA). These zoo’s have very strict breeding programs, educational programs and most of all will not let you touch their baby tigers, they keep them with their mother where they belong.

Some ‘private zoo’s’  make their money off people interacting with their animals. It costs over €10,000 to feed a tiger for a year and the only way they can afford to feed their animals is by constantly breeding their females. When the females give birth they rip the cubs away from their mother. This way the mother goes straight back into gestation and will conceive again shortly. In the wild, a female tiger will give birth to a new litter approximately every two to 2.5 years. In places like these, female tigers have two litters a year and both are removed from her. This way they have a constant supply of cubs for the public’s demand.




The tiger cubs are then placed in nurseries and when a paying member of the public comes alone to either pet a tiger cub, play with a tiger cub, bottle-feed a tiger cub (which is not as nearly nutritious as the cubs mother’s milk) or swim with a tiger cub, the trainers head off to the nursery and wake up the cubs to bring  them into swimming pools to play with you or one of your children. It cost  $200 per person – or $700 for a family of four to swim with baby tigers (in Chlorine-filled pools might I add), these baby tigers have to perform every 30 minutes. These tiger cubs should still be with their mothers, but instead they have been taken away to be bottle fed and forced to perform.

This is what you are funding and what will be repeated constantly unless you say NO to Swimming With Tiger Cubs.

I have chosen the above video as a perfect example and, to be honest, it breaks my heart. It shows a news reporter from ABC News in Dades City Wild Things attraction in Florida. He is “swimming with” one of the tiger cubs and as you can see all the tiger cub wants to do is get out of the pool. This six-week-old tiger cub should not have to perform like this for the public. This tiger cub has to swim in a pool for 30 minutes at a time…could you do that? I know I couldn’t. Near the end of the video you can see one of the trainers in the background yank (manhandle) one of the cubs out of the pool by the arm that is desperately trying to get out of the pool (probably because it’s tired) and then she forces the tiger cub back into the pool again. I really want to give this girl a wake-up slap.

The US of Agriculture has already issued warnings to Dades City Wild Things because it found evidence that one of the trainers (probably her) forced a tiger cub into a swimming pool when the tiger cub did not want to get in. 

Florida state law says cubs are only allowed perform until they are 40 pounds……what happens to them then you might say??

Stay tuned to find out!





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