Dublin First Cat Café To Open Soon

Posted on February 02, 2015, 7:57 pm
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Yes — a cat café. We’re not kidding. Dublin’s first cat café aka Catfé will be opening soon. Five months after announcing Georgina O’Neill the lady behind the venture is bringing coffee and cats to Dublin later this year.  For those of you who don’t know what a Catfe is, it’s basically the same as any other café only a cat café offers visitors (for a small fee)  the chance to pop into an adjoining room  and play or snuggle with all the cafe’s cats. If you love coffee and cats like I do then you will defiantly find yourself making a reservation at The Crazy Cats Café.


2015_triggerbug_crazycatscafe_023Georgina, you plan on opening up Dublin’s first cat café in the near future. 

What gave you the idea to open up a cat café?

In Feb 2014 my brother came back from Japan and showed me pictures of a cat café he visited while there. When I saw this I was amazed that I had never thought of it before! I did some research and realised that there would be one opening in London and there were a few others opening around the world. That was when I decided that I wanted to open the first one in Ireland.

Have you a particular location chosen? 

I have no premises yet but I hope to open in Dublin City Centre


Do you have cats yourself? If yes, Can you tell us a little about them?

Yes I have two cats. They are both rescue cats. Lola the black and white is very shy and timid, very few people have actually met her because she goes into hiding whenever I have guests. Jasmine the domestic long hair is curious about everything and very cheeky! she would steel food off your plate and steel your chair if it was warm.

How many people will you expect to be working for you?

I am aiming to employ 3 full and 4 part time staff. I know that its not a lot of people but with time we hope to grow.

What’s on your menu?

Along with quality teas and coffees we will have a large selection of delicious cakes, brownies, scones. We will also have gluten free and vegan options.

How many cats are planning to have and will you have kittens for customers to play with?

I hope to have at least 8 cats in the café but it all depends on the size of the premises. I don’t think I will get any tiny kittens in the café but I do plan to have some younger cats. I would also like to take in older cats if they are struggling to find a home, they will keep the younger ones in check. The most important thing is that the cats are comfortable in their environment and I think that kittens will be overwhelmed by the number of cats and visitors. Cats of all ages are very playful, so our visitors will not miss out.

You will be working with local charities I presume so will these cats in your premises be available for adoption?

This is something we were considering but after speaking with  some local charities and getting their input, we will not be providing an adoption service. We feel that providing a permanent home for our cats will be less stressful on the cats and more beneficial for the charity in the long run. Our cats will be adopted from local charities and we will only rehome a cat if they are unhappy in the café.

How do you separate running a clean coffee shop and having cats?

We are very conscious of the need to only serve food and drink of the highest quality that is suitable for our visitors so keeping the cats away from the food storage and preparation areas is on the top of the list when it comes to design. The entrance to the cat area will be separated from the food area by two doors – the same way bathrooms are separated from food areas in other establishments. We will also have facilities for people to wash their hands when entering or exiting the cat area. Visitors will, of course, be able to bring their food and drink into the cat area and there will be staff there to tend to their needs.

When do you plan on opening the door?

If all goes well with the crowd funding – June 2015!


Georgins needs €50,000 to make her dream come true and has set up a crowd-funding page on Indiegogo.com

You can also follow The Crazy Cat Café on Facebook and Twitter

From all of us here at The Tiger-Club.com, we wish you all the best in your future. I hope 2015 is your year!


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