Empire State Building Show The World 160 Images Of Endangered Species

Posted on August 02, 2015, 8:54 pm
30 secs

To promote the new Discovery Channels documentary ‘Racing Extinction’ due to air in December, they decided to project 160 images of endangered species in the world onto Manhattan’s highest structures The Empire State Building. 

Can you imagine what it would have been like to witness this…..wish I could have been there 🙁 I’m so happy so many people were there and shared so many pictures on social media. I believe they even showed King Kong climbing the building at one stage. 

Empire State Building


This one-of-a-kind light show highlighted some of the world most endangered animals such as Rhinos, Mountain Lions, Tigers, Jaguar, Insects, Birds and more. They even had a giant size projection of the late Cecil who was Illegal killed by hunter –  Walter James Palmerin Zimbabwean National Park last month.  

Apparently the projection was visible from 20 blocks away and was repeated every 15 minutes from 9:00 pm until midnight. The event, which was called  “Projecting Change,” was to encourage the world to talk about endangered animals and how you can help change the faith of so many creatures on our planet.



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