Famous Felix Just Got A Promotion

Posted on February 10, 2016, 10:41 am
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Last week the famous five-year-old Felix the cat from Huddersfield Station was given a new title of Senior Pest Controller by rail network Transpennine Express. Felix arrived at the station when she was just 9 weeks old. She now helps chase pigeons of the platform, welcomes commuters and at night she is a super mouser.

Felix was given her very own custom made high-vis vest and badge with her new title on it – Senior Pest Controller and can we just say she wears it well. The staff at the train station look after Felix so well that in July 2015 when Felix was stopped patrolling parts of the platform due to barriers being introduced the staff installed Felix her very own cat flap that now allows her access to all area again. What a lucky cat?



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