Finding A Cattery That Suits You And Your Cat

Posted on April 16, 2014, 7:06 pm
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I haven’t had a holiday in 4 years and before that I didn’t have two cats so now that I’m going away on holidays in June I have to make sure my cats are left in the best of hands. My very kind sister-in-law has agreed to mind Egor & Bella (actually she’s moving into my home to mind them for a couple of weeks) before she agreed  I thought of placing them in a cattery, so I did a bit of research and thought I would share my findings with you all.

Find the best cattery to suit your cat:

I have always found the best facilities are those that someone has recommended to you. Ask around your friends or family who have cats and see if they have used a cattery before and would they recommend one for you. Ask your local animal shelter, or your local vet. There are lots of websites and forums such as that have lots of tips and recommendations.

I spent a couple of hours calling catteries around the Dublin area and was shocked by two things: a) They were booked up months in advance and b) the price.

The price took me back a bit as the average cost for my two cats would be €20 a day, over 7 days that’s €140 for the week. I did find a couple in the Dublin area and they cost between  €15 to €18 per day.

Terms & Conditions when placing you cat in a cattery:

Before you can take your cat to any cattery in Ireland you must have an up-to-date vaccine cert and you vet’s contact details. All catteries will demand you sign a contract stating if anything should happen your cat while you are away the cattery has your consent to seek medical help and the cost is transferred to you.  If your cat is on a special diet they will also ask  you to provide that too.  Male cats over the age of 7-8 months are not accepted if they are not neutered. Flea & worm treatment must be up-to-date.


A couple of questions you may want to ask yourself before choosing:

  1. Is the accommodation clean?
  2. Does your cat have enough space?
  3. Will your cat be kept indoors or outdoors and if outdoor will they be warm enough at night?
  4. Are your cats safe from other animals such as dogs or foxes?
  5. Will they be in a room on their own?
  6. How often do you visit and play with my cat?
  7. I have a disabled or special need cat, can you provide the proper care?
  8. Can you Skype, send me pictures or emails to update me as to how my cat is doing?
  9. Will my cat be groomed (if needed)?
  10. Do you have a communal cat room?


If allowed, bring your cats bed, blankets and toys, the smell from these will make them feel more comfortable in their new accommodation.

Double check all the contact information you have given and make sure they have the right contact information for you.

There are catteries that also have kennels attached to board dogs. I personally would stay away from these as I know the barking would upset my cats.



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