Fota Wildlife Park unveil 2 new Sumatran Tigers

Posted on May 30, 2014, 6:26 pm
54 secs

Fota Wildlife Park in Cork will be given there eagerly awaiting zoo guests a huge treat tomorrow as they unveil the two new Sumatran Tigers in their new enclosure “Tiger Trials”.

Over the last couple of weeks, the two tigers have been getting used to their new enclosure and recent reports show they have taken to it well. Tomorrow 2-year-old Denar the Sumatran Tiger who came from Warsaw Zoo in Poland and 2-year-old Dourga who came from Le Parc de Félins in Nesles, France will be unveiled to the awaiting public.

Stephen Ryan Head of Marketing for Fota Wildlife Park quoted “the opening this weekend is not only an exciting time for us but we feel it is of huge benefit to the region as we open the first piece of a €6m development that we hope will turn the park into an iconic visitor attraction”.

So far Fota Wildlife Park has raised 1.5 million allowing them to open Phase 1 of their Asian Sanctuary. They are hoping to raise another 4 million allowing them to open the Asian Wetland project and the Asian Plains. Check out the video below!

I cannot wait to make another visit to the park and look forward to seeing Denar and Dourgas.

If your planning on going this weekend or in the future, directions on how to get there are available on

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