Fukuoka Island aka Cat Island

Posted on July 31, 2014, 1:06 pm
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I think I can speak for every Crazy Cat Lady and say “Fukuoka Island” is “Cat heaven” to all of us. I would be very happy knowing this is where you end up when you pass on from this world. Famous photographer Fubrirai has been living on the island (luck guy)  the last five years spending his days photographing the semi-wild cats on the Island and then sharing them with the world from his blog..

The local people on the island love all the cats and the local fishermen regularly feed them with fish from the days catch.


Some days local fishermen come home a clowder of hungry cats.


Here are some of favourite pictures from Fubirai’s blog.

 catisland3 catisland4 catisland5 catisland6 catisland7 catisland9catisland10




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