GreyStones Kitty Hostel Needs Your Help

Posted on May 20, 2015, 6:25 pm
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Greystones Kitty Hostel is a volunteer TNR program run by Louise Cardiff. She is an amazing women who has dedicated her life to saving cats all over Dublin and Wicklow communities. She runs a very successful volunteer TNR (Trap Neuter & Return) project.  Cats that cannot be rehomed/returned are housed with Louise in her outdoor cat enclosure.

Louise has had a tough time over the past year, she has been let go from her job and was under severe pressure to make sure all the cats in her care were fed, watered, in good health as well as having the local council on her back about keeping cats and a huge vet bill.

Recently Louise received a letter from her local council stating she must tear down this “unsightly structure” that “might smell in the summer” by the 5th of June, rehome all of the cats…including her own cats.



The problem is Louise lives in a council house and the council only allows tenants to keep 2 pets even thou she moved in with three dogs. Louise has been given an extension until the19th of June. She has found a new plot of land that she can build a cat enclosure on for all the cats in her care but she cannot afford to build it on her own and has asked the public for help.

What’s needed: wooden posts, (aprox. €400), wire (aprox. €130 per roll), shed (aprox. €500), mini digger (aprox. €200), carpenter/labour costs (aprox. €400), cement, aggregate/gravel, screws, tac’s, cable ties (aprox. €500).

Greystones Kitty Hostel currently has a GoFundMe (link) fundraising page set-up, so far they have raised €500 towards building a new cat enclosure but need another €1,500 to complete.

Louise and all the volunteers who work with her trap feral/stray cats every day, bring them to the vet to get spay/neutered, get them  ear-tipped, return them to their territory, sometimes relocate, manage feral colony’s by feed them and providing shelter for them. They also socialise feral kittens and find them new homes so they can have a better life rather than a life on the streets.

TNR programs like this are so important in communities, it stops the amount of kittens turning up in shelters and lowers the amount of cats euthanised.Remember there is more than one way to donate, you can donate your time or materials.

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