It’s Spidey Season – Where’s My Cat?

Posted on September 16, 2015, 6:46 pm
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It’s that time of year again when all our homes get invaded by big black hairy monsters – Spiders. If you’re anything like me (a true arachnophobe) there is nothing worse than switching on the light going to bed to discover a massive spider on your bedroom ceiling or when you’re in the shower and you realise too late (when you are covered in shower gel and shampoo) that there is a huge spider stalking you from above and end up nearly killing yourself trying to get out of the bathroom. I know they have their purpose on the food chain, but I would be happier if they were wiped out and replace with something a lot less scarier.

Now that I have two cats I thought my little fur buddies would take care of all the critters living in my home. Bella is great, she will sit and start chattering at the ceiling like she does with birds in the window. I have even seen her run across the living room to catch a spider that had the speed of a greased ninja trying to crawl underneath my sofa. She is my little spider killer.

Then there is my other cat Egor, he likes to bring home these terrifying web spinners and I’m not talking about little ones either. He loves to bring home those big black eight-legged hairy monsters. I always remember the day he brought his first one home, Egor was making a lot of noise on the stairs and my husband said to me…’Whats Egor up to on the stairs? I said: ‘he must be chasing a fly’ and we both headed out to have a look and low and behold, he was playing with a massive spider. Both of us said to each other, I hope he doesn’t always bring them in…boy we were wrong!. He plays with them by tapping them on the head, then letting them go, then chasing them before eating them. Thankfully he does eat them. 




Every year I do a huge Spring clean just to freshen up my home, I also do one around Autumn when the nights start to get longer and the day a lot colder, oh and the fact that I have found three spiders in my home already. Here are some of the things I do to keep those big black beasts out out out!!

How can we prevent spiders coming into our home?

Clean & Clear: Put by a Sunday and say ‘I’m going to clean my home from top to bottom’. I’m talking brushing the ceilings, hoovering floors, hoovering curtains (both sides), cleaning out the food press, cleaning the hot press, getting stuck into your wardrobe and decluttering it. Spend the whole day cleaning and decluttering your house. I always find this is easier to do when there is a very cold, very nice bottle of wine waiting in the fridge for me later…lol

Lemon: Spiders apparently don’t like lemon. I don’t bother buying lemons instead I buy the bottle of lemon juice from the baking aisle in my supermarket. With a sponge or clothes spread your lemon juice all over the inside of your window sill. Then I dilute some with water, place it in a water spray bottle and go outside and spray everywhere that might have a small opening that will allow a spider into my home.

Keep The Lights Off: Outdoor lighting is very nice and can make a garden look very inviting in the Summer, but not many people use their garden on cold winter nights. Lighting fixtures are a huge attraction to spiders as they build their webs on them knowing bugs are attracted to light and get caught up in their web. If this is a security issue for you and would prefer to keep them on then smear a tonne of vaseline around the fixture.  

Oil Burners: Buy an oil burner, you can pick them up in most home stores or I’m sure the pound shop do have some. I have always used oil burners in my home over candles and air freshener sprays, it’s also cheaper and lasts a lot longer than candles do.  All you need to do is place a few drops of your preferred scent – lavender oil, peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil, tea tree oil, Olbas oil or citrus oil in the burner with some water then light the tea light. Try buying long lasting tea lights, these last around 4hrs or so, the cheaper tea lights only last around an hour. (Please be careful and do not leave the burner unattended)

Take Down Flowers boxes: I don’t have flower boxes on my window sill, but I do have a small herb garden box. At this time, I use up all the herbs I have grown and don’t replace them until next year. Spiders love hanging around this area. If you don’t want to remove your window box the please keep the window the box is on shut as it will be attracted to the heat of your home. 

What not to do….

If you are going to purchase products such as insect repellent then please make sure it is safe to use around your cats before purchase. If your pet has ingested such products, please contact your veterinarian or emergency veterinary clinic for advice.





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