Keeping Our Cats Safe This Winter

Posted on November 18, 2014, 12:15 pm
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I think I can officially say Winter is Here…birrr! Over the next couple of months temperatures are going to drop to a cold 1 or 2 degrees, sometimes even less at night and lots of stray & feral cats and kittens are going to be looking for a warm and dry place to sleep.

As we all know “if it fits it sits” and cats sometimes end up in the most unusual of places but not all of these places are safe and warm. Over the past week I have seen some very upsetting social media reports of cats already climbing into peoples engines to keep warm, so I have decided to put together a few ideas to Help Keep Our Cats Safe This Winter.


1. Cat’s need more food in cold weather to keep up there body weight. If you are feeding feral/stray cat’s maybe leave out a little extra for them and don’t forget they need fresh water too.


2. If you have an outdoor area such as a shed or garage, can you give these cats access through an open window or door?


3. Buy a feral cat house or make one. Line them with bedding (Hay) to keep them warm. DO NOT PUT DOWN BLANKETS AS THEY ABSORD BODY HEAT. Most feral cat houses have room enough for more than one cat.


4. Can you bring them indoors? Stray cats are used to human contact and may sleep in your home over night in the colder weather.


5. TAP TAP TAP your car before starting. There are lots of kittens tiny enough to crawl up into your engine for heat. Some cats will also do this and by just tapping a couple of times will be enough to scare them off.





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