Meet Bagal AKA Sunglass Cat

Posted on February 10, 2016, 11:13 am
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Karen McGill from Los Angelas in California is the owners of 2 year-old adopted Bagal AKA Sunglass Cat on her social media accounts. Bagal was born without eyelids and has undergone a number of surgeries to try and stop her eye lashes growing inwards making life a lot less painful and easier for this adorable feline.

Owner Karen put special sunglasses on Bagel to stop small particles or grit getting in her eyes. Unfortunately Bagel does not have tear ducks that help clean the eyes and so if dirt was to get in her eyes she would scratch at her corneas.

Karen has often been seen bringing Bagal for a walk in her cat stroller along her local boulevard in LA and draws a huge amount of attention…let face it, if you were walking down the street and seen a cat wearing sunglasses you would want to stop and take a photography too. She has now become somewhat of a pet celebrity in our eyes and you can follow her on Instagram or Twitter.


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