Must Watch: The Paw Project

Posted on August 07, 2014, 4:37 pm
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Probably the best documentary on the market educating the public on… Why declawing cats is so inhumane? For years and years I have been against the declawing cats even before I ever owned a cat. I believe it is cruel and unnecessary and will do everything I possible can to help people change their minds on declawing their cats. Please watch this documentary now available on Netflix and if you like it, share with other on your social media sites.

About: The Paw Project documentary is an inspiring David and Goliath story of a grassroots movement to protect felines, both large and small, from the cruelty of declawing and how the movement has prevailed, despite the efforts of well-funded professional veterinary associations.

In the United States today, approximately 25% of domesticated cats are declawed.  Declawing is the amputation of the last bone in a cat’s toes.  Despite the physical and behavioural harm inflicted on cats who are declawed, many veterinarians continue to recommend the procedure, which costs upwards of $1,200. per hour – even for very young kittens.

These are animals we love, and with whom we share our homes.  Why aren’t we being told the truth about what the declawing procedure involves?  The Paw Project documentary chronicles the happy and unexpected twist of fate that led to the protection of many animals through the grassroots advocacy efforts led by Dr. Conrad and The Paw Project.

Must Watch  : Available to watch on Netflix


This is the official trailer for The Paw Project, a one hour documentary that chronicles the David and Goliath story of a tiny grassroots movement taking on big veterinary interests in an effort to ban the declawing of cats. Declawing is an amputation of toe bones, it’s not a fancy manicure. For more information, please visit


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