Pet Island

Posted on August 07, 2014, 8:48 am
48 secs

I really enjoyed last weeks series, however I hope all the cat lovers fail in their attempts to toilet train their cats as I think it is so wrong. A cats instinct is to bury it’s poop not use a toilet.

About: All across the country people are going wild about their pets and in RTÉ’s new series Pet Island we will meet some of the country’s most pampered animals and their besotted owners. They include pet psychics, an opera singer who serenades his mini-donkeys and a former Miss Ireland contestant who sleeps with seven dogs. We also meet the contestants in a cat fancy dress competition, dogs who attend day care and a group of cats who are learning to use the toilet. Pet Island is a fun series about what is an unfolding trend in Irish society looking at how the pet has become central to the family unit and the seemingly endless lengths we will go to please them.

Time/Station : Series 1, Episode 2 @6:30pm on RTÉ1

In this episode:
In episode we witness an insight into the day-to-day experiences of a team of pet communicators who allegedly work telepathically with dogs, horses and even a pig. Meanwhile, at the country’s biggest cat show, a group of felines is prepared for the stage.

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