PETITION: Close Surabaya Zoo

Posted on February 06, 2015, 4:37 pm
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As a cat lover it breaks my heart when I come across animal abuse of any sort but I know I can help prevent some animals from further abuse by signing petitions. If enough people kick up a racket…..somebodies going to listen.


Let me introduce you to Surabaya Zoo aka ‘The Zoo of Death’. Surabaya Zoo is Indonesia’s largest zoo. In 2014 they had of 3,459 animals from 197 species, but 81 animals were sick, disabled, and old, and 44 of which were in severe conditions. Unfortunately, I don’t have more recent figures. They charge only $1 entrance fee which is partly the problem…how can you feed all these animals when you are only charging $1 entrance fee?

As you can see in the pictures below all the animals are kept in small, fitly enclosures with no access to veterinary care.  It is estimated 25 animals are dying each month from unnatural causes.

Kliwon the giraffe died with a 40lb wad of plastic the size of a beach ball in its stomach. Many of the large carnivores have been starved and malnutritioned for so long that their bodies can no longer absorb any nutrition. Those who are not euthanized are starving to death.

Sign this petition and help save these animal from a lifetime of abuse.

tiger2 Tiger 1 lion1


(Source: reddit/anonymous_leopard)

6 Responses to: PETITION: Close Surabaya Zoo

  1. Michelle Ackerman

    February 6th, 2015

    These images are disturbing to say the least. If they can’t care for the animals better than this, the place needs to close and the animals sent to a sanctuary! Please so something!!!

  2. Elisabeth Netten

    February 6th, 2015

    Please safe this poor animals for abusing them!!!!

  3. julia brandt

    February 7th, 2015

    Stop it

  4. Claudia Ernst-Armani

    February 7th, 2015

    Please help


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