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Posted on May 29, 2015, 6:28 pm
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OK, so you have a very successful company selling pet products in Amsterdam and you want to launch it in another country…what do you do? ans; you hire a media company. Not for this man, meet Thomas Vles, a 30-year-old man from Amsterdam who is CEO of his very own successful company www.PoopyCat.com.

Poopycat.com is a website that sells cardboard blocks that that allow you to make a play areas/cat-tree for your cat. You buy a basic pack which consist of beams, tubes, tunnel, bridge and slide, from their you can buy separate pieces to add so you can build as big or small of a masterpiece as you want. They also sell biodegradable Litter Trays. The litter tray is delivered to you in a small compact package, all you have to do is pull it apart and you have a disposable litter tray, it comes with litter and after a week you can then discard. To buy the litter trays you have to sign up for a subscription and every week a new litter tray is delivered to your door.

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Thomas decided to build his very own ‘KittyKart’ and cycle with his two cats Cheesy and Mushi to London to launch his brand.

The trek was 300 miles long and took 3 days to complete but don’t fret as Thomas had another van to accompany him on his trip in case the weather got bad or he couldn’t make it up a steep hills. He also brought along his cats vet to make sure they were supper happy on their long journey.

Thomas told MailOnline, “Most people were really enthusiastic and when they got closer and saw the cats they would say ‘Oh, wow’.”


(pic source:poopycat.com/mirror.co.uk)

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