Preforming Lion Rescued And Release

Posted on May 13, 2015, 2:14 pm
56 secs

Rancho dos Gnomos is an Animal Sanctuary based in Brazil. They currently have 230 exotic animal in their care (lions, jaguars, sloths, deer, macaws, parrots, monkeys, otters, dogs, cats, etc.) they work closely with the authorities to rescue mistreated animal.

In 2006 Will the Lion was rescued from a circus he had spent 13 year with performing around the world. Rancho dos Gnomos were able to rescue Will and bring him to their sanctuary. This footage shows his reaction to feeling the earth underneath his feet for the first time.

Will passed away in 2011 of old age but got to enjoy his last 5 years within the sanctuary with people who took care of his every need.

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