Review: Catit Design Glass Diner

Posted on February 10, 2016, 9:59 am
2 mins

For a while I wanted to change the cats bowls. I just got sick of looking at the same old plastic pink bowl for Bella and Blue for Egor. I wanted bowls to fit in with my home, (so selfish I know) but I have wanted modern bowls for a while now and all the bowls I have liked, I either couldn’t afford them or I couldn’t get them shipped to Ireland.

Then on Friday night when I was browsing website I spotted these modern design glass bowls for only €11.99, what’s better is they had them on special offer with a 2.00 discount so I managed to pick them up for only 9.99. They come in two colour, Black or White. I decided to go with good oul Black.


I am so happy with these bowls that I have already gone on line and bought another because I have two feeding areas in my home. One is in my sitting room and the other is in my hallway. I always leave out dry food and water all day long for both cats as they are grazers.

They look so good compared to what I had, their practical, the cats don’t seem to be able to spread their food all over the floor because of the depth of the bowls (200ml) and they have a little bit of weight in the glass so I cant see the cats knocking over the water bowl.

I was a bit worried that the height of the bowls with the stand would put the cats off feeding because my cats are normally used to feeding from a much lower level but to be honest they look more comfortable feeding this way.


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