Stop Tigers Performing In Circuses In Ireland

Posted on April 14, 2016, 5:38 pm
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Today I was having a conversation with some college friends about what we were all going to do at the weekend, and one of the girls in our group (who is a mother of two young children) asked me – “Is the circus still on in Tallaght (Dublin)”?  You can only imagine the face I pulled right there and then but to my shock and delight…. I might add, the other girls around the table jumped in before I could say a word and said –  “Why do you want to be bringing your children to see that for, that nothing but animal cruelty”.

As the conversation went on I was taken aback by a number of facts each person had to offer and by the end of the conversation they had convinced this woman not to go.   It’s a good day when something like this happens. Fewer Euros in the pockets of those who want to make a living out of dancing tigers/animal cruelty.

Get a proper career!




Good news – Up to last week there were two circuses touring Ireland, last week ‘Circus Belly Wien / Renz International’ left Ireland after a huge amount of people protesting against its presence. I believe they are heading to Europe now.  This is great news for Ireland but not for the tigers. The tigers are stuffed back into their 6.5-foot-by-8-foot cages and will spend the next couple of weeks on the road until the circus finds their next destination. This is no life for these big cats or all the other animals. We need to change Irish law NOW!

There is still one more circus in Ireland at the minute – ‘Courtney Brothers Circus’. Please don’t support them!

How you can help:

Sign all the petitions you can out there. Here’s one –  #TheBigStopCampaign

Get in touch with your local town councillors and tell them you want to vote for a motion that will stop animal circuses using public land in Ireland to put on their shows. 

If you come across a person who wants to attend these type of shows, try to convince them not to support animal suffering by educating them about what happens at them.

Support animal-free circuses.

Share, share, share – a lot of today conversation referred back to pictures and posts they seen on their social media sites.

Get out and protest…but be careful. I have seen some protesting over the past couple of months that have ended up in violence.

Did you know?

Circus animals spend, over 90% of their lives in chains or cages?


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