SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap Review

Posted on November 18, 2014, 1:39 pm
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For the past 2 years myself and my husband have wanted to get a cat flap but couldn’t find the right one to suit us.  We recently reviewed cat-flaps as we had an incident with a local tom who followed one of our other cats into our home and sprayed his scent everywhere….my home was stinking for days!

I didn’t realise until recently that you can get a cat flap that only allows your own cats into your home. It works off your cats microchips in their neck, so your cats can come and go as they please. I did research them before and found different types that work off the cats collars but I don’t have collars on my cats when they go out, so I couldn’t go for that option and I didn’t want a cat flap that allows your cats and every other cat in your area to enter my home. I wanted a secure solution and guess what? I found one.

Where to buy?


I bought mine on for €75.00.

They don’t charge a delivery fee on orders over €49.00 and it took about 7 day to be delivered.

How does it work?

You need to register each cats microchip with the cat-flap. To do this you need to press the button ontop of the cat-flap while your cats head it half way threw the cat-flap. When the light turns red, the microchip in your cats neck has been registered. I did this before I installed the cat flap with the help of my husband. I held my cats while he placed the cat-flap over their heads. We had both cats registered within minutes, it was very easy to do.

You need to place a battery in the top of the cat-flap for the lock mechanism to work. There is a small little dial at the base of the cat-flap that gives you four options. 1) Only allows your cats in or out. 2) Locks when your cats come in so that they can go back out. 3) Locks after your cats go out not allowing them back in. 4) Completely locks not allowing entry or exit.

 IMG_1185How to install?


There is no way I could have installed this on my own. Thankfully I have a very handy husband with power tools. He had to use a drill and a jigsaw to cut a square out in my door. They don’t give you a stencil so you have to use you own judgement.

The only problem we had is the shape of our door, we have a wooden baton on the inner side of the door that could not be cut out, my husband had to raise the cat flap off the the ground by about 8 inches  (didn’t think of this before buying it) the problem with this was, the cats couldn’t just walk out of the cat-flap they have to step up onto the cat-flap and out…which they did.





How we are getting on?

Egor took to it straight away and spent the rest of the day coming and going as he pleased. Bella not so much, Bella is a very skittish cat and does not like sudden noises, so when she wanted to come back in, to open the cat flap your cat needs to put their head into the cat-flap for the sensor to read the microchip in their necks, when she did this the cat-flap makes a release clicking sound….this was scaring Bella and she would run off.

For the first two days she would meow for us to open the front door but with some gentle persuasion and treats she now uses the cat-flap without any problems.

IMG_1265 IMG_1292

It’s now two weeks on and both cats are coming and going as they please, myself and my husband could not be happier. No more getting woken up at four in the morning to be let out, not more getting woken up at five o’clock to be let back in, no more getting woken up at six in the morning to feed them, no more getting up from the best program ever to let them out, no more having to call them in at night before I go to bed, no more thinking I have to get back home to let the cats in…it’s raining!

I cannot recommend this product enough. The peace of mind it brings knowing my cats have somewhere safe to go if I’m not around and especially the lie in we’re both getting now. I think it is very reasonably priced and I probably wouldn’t have spent any more on a cat-flap. Some people might find it easy to install, I didn’t but my husband did. I would have preferred it in Black to match my door. It does need to be cleaned often as the cats use their wet noses to push open the flap but that nothing a baby wipe won’t take care of.

Also, I have been training Egor to do his toilet outside and now both my cat don’t use the litter tray in my home which helps with the odour control and the cost of litter.

Finally, I hope this has helped, I can honestly say, “if anything was to happen to my Sure-Flap cat-flap,  I would replace it straight away…I would be lost without it!”




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