Animal Park or Tiger Farm… decide…

Posted on July 29, 2014, 7:22 pm
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Tiger farms are commercial facilities that operate on a high profit – low cost margin. These farms breed female tigers up to 3 times a year taking her cubs away from her at birth so that she can go back into gestation. A farm with 200 tigresses can produce 600 cubs in a single year. Some farms can have more than 500 tigers in them, most of which live in cramped and overcrowded conditions. Most of these facilities do not adhere to animal welfare standards and the tiger are left roll around in their own faeces. There are approximately 6,00 tigers in farms across China today but only 3,200 in the wild.

A lot of Tiger Farms claim they are Tiger Parks, Wildlife Parks even Zoo’s but most are just Tiger farms offering  tourists the chance to get a picture taking with a Tiger, to feed tigers or even play with tiger cubs but what a lot of tourist don’t know is that….

Feeding the Tiger: At The Harbin Siberian Tiger Park tourists can throw live chickens to the hungry tigers waiting, if you have a little bit more money you can release a live cow and watch the tiger do what come natural to them and because most of them are starving, kill it and eat it but what’s not natural is what we are doing ….Paying to see an animal die. This is sold as a unique opportunity to see what happens in the wild…well if that’s what you think then you’re more of sicko than the people running these horrible places as most of these tigers have never hunted in the wild before and have never seen their mother hunt so the fact is they don’t know how to hunt ending in the poor animal being ripped apart alive rather than being choked to death and then eaten.


Taking a picture with a Tiger means the farm sedating the tiger to an inch of its life while tourist after tourist get up close. Apart from the fact that they are so unpredictable I find it hard to believe so many parents allow their children in a cage with a tiger.


Playing with cubs or feeding them means taking the cubs away from their mother so that you can play/feed with them.

From birth cubs are immediately taking away from their mothers and hand reared in the “Tiger Crèche” until they are about 3 months old. At tiger crèche the cubs are frequently handled as these farms make a lot of money of tourists petting and playing with the cubs.

When the cubs get older they are sent to their permanent home, a 12×12 filthy cage for the rest of their lives. In the wild a tiger home range would span over hundreds of miles only coming together every couple of years to breed. Unfortunately most of the tigers that are sent to these cages are homed with another or few other tigers. Regular deaths occur from these conflicts.

Turner Barr who volunteered at Tiger Temple quoted “The cubs became increasingly more lethargic and docile each session, as they were full from the being bottle-fed formula every session.”


Behind the scenes

What most people don’t know is that most of the farms are involved in the illegal trade of tiger parts. It has been highly documented all over the internet just how deplorable the conditions are in these farms. The cages are filthy dirty, unbelievably unsafe and cramped. The tigers themselves are covered in urine and poop, they are skin and bone from starvation. The fact is, these farms that are holding over 500+ tigers cannot afford to feed these tigers let alone vet fees and other costs so the farms make there money on the highly illegal trade of selling dead tigers.

Before 1994 when China introduced a ban on using tiger bones for Tiger-Bone wine, these farms slaughter hundred of tigers every year for oriental medicines and Tiger-Bone wine. Every single part of the tiger is used in some way down to it faeces which is used for spots.

In the past 10 years the Chinese government have allowed the sale of Captive-bred tiger skins to people like taxidermist to turn into rugs used in Home Decor. Because of this development it is now fashionable to offer a Tiger skin rug as a gift.



 Just so you know?

In 2011, 19 year old Isabelle Brennan (below) took a trip to the Tiger Temple and was attacked by a 400lb tiger leaving her unable to walk for months, a  four inch scar and I’m sure mental trauma.  This is not a rare headline.

All visitors have to sign a document stating if our tigers attack or even worse kill you ….they are not liable.



In short, if you decide to go to one of these places you are enabling the abuse of the animals, rewarding the people who are responsible for animal abuse, assisting in the illegal underground animal trade as well as putting your life at risk.

There are some amazing charities working around the clock to save the last 3,200 tigers left in the wild today. Here are links to their websites if you like to know more and how you can help.
WWF / Panthera / Eia / Born Free Foundation

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