Tiger Tears Of Car Bumper In Beijing‬ WildLife Park

Posted on August 03, 2016, 6:03 pm
9 secs

Somedays I wonder how some people get through a day on this planet. After last week’s news of a young woman who died in Badaling Wildlife World after getting out of her car because she had a fight with her boyfriend and another woman died trying to save her……these two plonkers come along and decided to do the same, in the same park.

The woman in this video is quoted saying ‘she put hot sauce on the bumpers to warn off the tigers’ well obviously they are attracted to it, so much so the tiger decided to take the whole bumper with it back to the bush.

Then, plonker one gets out of the car and decides to retrieve his bumper clearly knowing there are wild tigers in the bushes.

Some people will never learn.




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