10 of my favourite cat tattoos

Posted on April 18, 2014, 1:47 pm
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As a Tattoo lover, I am always on different sights like Pinterest or Facebook looking at different tattoo designs. I already have a tattoo and am seriously consider getting design No.2  -The Magical Black cat behind my ear.  I just love this one.

Choosing the right tattoo should never be a snap decision, it took me little over 6 months to decide on what I wanted, where I wanted it, who would design it and who would tattoo me. Take your time when choosing as it is going to be with for the rest of you life!

These are 10 of my  favourite cat tattoos with my all  time favourite above.


1. African Lion Tattoo




2. Magical Black cat                                                                       3. Tribal Design  




4. Ocelot


5. Tiger                                                                                              6. Black Cat Portrait


7. Black Cat behind Ear Tattoo                                                                 8. Finger Lion





9. Lazy Leopard                                                                              10. Black Cat by Alchemink Tattoo Studio




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