What To Do With My Cat….I’m Emigrating

Posted on March 03, 2015, 7:59 pm
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Over the past couple of months I have seen an increase on my social media sites of cats being abandoned in homes because the owners have moved away or cats up for adoption with the reason ‘Owners Circumstances Have Changed’.

When we bring a cat home for the first time we honestly believe we can provide a safe and warm loving home for the rest of the cats life and we don’t think our circumstances will change but for some they sadly do, like losing their job and having to emigrate to find work. It’s no secret that there are thousands of people in Ireland who are in arrears with their mortgage company and moving away to find employment that pays more money maybe their only option.

But what do I do with my cat if I’m emigrating? I have put together five options below that may help you make the right decision.


Bring them with you

Obviously this is the best option and there are lots of pet travel companies that will help relocating very easy for you but bear in mind the country you are moving to can be very unsafe for your cat depending on if you have an indoor or outdoor cat.  I live beside a polish couple who have two cats back home in Poland and both are indoor cats because they have eagles that prey on cats or what about other dangerous animals like poisonous snakes and spiders? your cat will probably see these as toys and get hurt trying to play with them. Also, if you have an outdoor cat can you bring them with you but not let them out to roam outside like back home?

Rent your home to somebody who will take care of them

Can you rent you home to a cat lover that will look after your cats while you are away? Do you know a relative or friend that you can trust to not only look after your cat but also your possessions? Offer a reduced rate in lieu of taking care of your furbabies….

Long term stays in cattery

I have used catteries before when I have gone on holidays and lot’s of catteries across Ireland offer long-term stays. If this is an option for you then please do your research on the best cattery that would suit your cat as some can be very small. This is a more expensive option with some catteries charging €15 per day (including food) but I would say you could easily get it for around €10 per day if you are booking in for a year.

Long-term foster care

Most long-term fostering lasts less than 12 months, but you may find someone who is willing to look after your cat longer. Get in touch with your local animal shelter and  they will contact all their foster carers to see if anyone maybe interested. The way it works is your cat will be placed with a foster parent in their home for an agreed amount of time and you will be responsible for all the costs such as food, vet bills etc. Then at the end of the set period you can then take your cat back home with you. Lot’s of people in the army do this when they go on tour.


I can’t even imagine how hard it must be for owners to make this decision, but it is an option and is probably a better option for those who are heading away for longer than a year. I would recommend you ask your local cat shelter for assistance with this as they can pop out to the new owners home to make sure they are providing a safe and secure home for their new arrival.

What not to do

  • Do not place an advert online offering your cat ‘Free Of Charge’ to a good home.
  • Do not abandon your cat, please surrender to an animal shelter.



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