The Worlds First Cat NightClub

Posted on May 13, 2016, 7:06 am
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NeKo NightClub has opened its door this week to the public but this is no ordinary nightclub, this nightclub has it’s very own cat-room full of cats. NeKo (Japanese for cat) open in downtown Tokyo and so far has received an amazing response.

cat nightclub

In the nightclub they have a sound-proof room with comfortable seating, catnip dispensers, scratching posts, toys and lots of cats, so if you get tired dancing or your friend has hooked up with a guy and left you on your own, you can just head to the cat room and play with the cats to cheer yourself up…it also serves alcohol, which is a big plus in my book.

The club wanted a wide variety of cats, some of the cats have been sourced from as far away as Holland. They have flown in a Maine Coon, Norwegian Forest, Siamese cats and even re-homed some homeless cats from the famous Aoshima Island or ‘cat island’.

“Think of these areas like chill out rooms,” Managing Director Tuki Yabe told the Tokyo Baka. “Our clubbers can alternate between dancing to world class DJs and hanging out with our pet cats. As a lifelong electronic music fan and dedicated animal lover, I thought this would be the perfect mix for the perfect club in Tokyo.”

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